Orinoco Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 2.5lb bag, Medium Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 100% Arabica beans

Ush 146,000 Ush 113,000
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Brand: Orinoco Coffee and Tea
Item Form: Whole Bean
Flavor: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Caffeine Content Description: Caffeinated
Roast Level: medium_roast

MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE: Our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is crafted by roasting the finest Ethiopian specialty coffee beans to a medium roast. Legend has it that the Arabica coffee tree originated in Ethiopia and was discovered by a shepherd after noticing his goats would be especially energetic after eating the red cherries.
FLAVOR PROFILE: Yields a unique, rich, and fruity cup of coffee that preserves the whole bean flavor notes and fragrant aromas.
SMALL BATCH: Freshly roasted to order and immediately packaged in 2.5 lb coffee bags to ensure freshness.
· WHOLE BEAN: High-quality 100% Arabica beans.
· RESEALABLE BAGS: E-Zip foil bags to maintain freshness and easy close after opening. Perfect for buying coffee whole beans in bulk or for wholesale.

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