Premium Kenyan Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Ush 76,000 Ush 59,000
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Brand: Itso Coffee
Item Form: Whole Bean
Flavor: Original
Roast Level: medium_roast
Package Information: Bag

Excellence of African Origin: Elevate your coffee experience with these premium Kenyan medium roast coffee beans, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and origin.
Ethically Sourced Goodness: Indulge ethically with beans sourced from sustainable practices, supporting eco-friendly and socially responsible coffee farming.
Medium Roast Coffee Beans: Carefully roasted to a medium level, unlocking the perfect balance between boldness and smoothness. Crafted to meet high standards of quality, Providing consistently exceptional coffee experience.
Craft Roasted to Perfection: Enjoy meticulously crafted medium roast beans, ensuring harmonious medium roast beans containing boldness and smoothness currently trending among coffee enthusiasts.
Versatile Brewing Brilliance: Whether it's poured over, cold brew, or French press, these beans are versatile, delivering excellence in every brewing method, a sought-after trait in the coffee world.
Freshness Sealed for Peak Aroma: Experience the true essence of freshly roasted coffee with our airtight packaging, ensuring every brew is as aromatic as the day it was roasted.

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