Roasted ETHIOPIAN HARRAR Whole Beans Coffee I Land of Origins Coffee I Single-Origin I Medium Roast ETHIOPIAN HARRAR Whole Beans Coffee 16oz (1 pound)

Ush 145,000 Ush 113,000
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Brand: Land of Origins Coffee LLC
Item Form: Whole Bean
Flavor: blueberry, chocolate
Roast Level: medium_roast
Package Information: Coffee Bag

Specialty Ethiopian Coffee, Ethiopian Harrar, Medium Roast Whole Beans Coffee, 16oz (1 pound)
100% Arabica, shade grown, naturally processed coffee
Artisan Coffee, Roasted in small batches for freshness right here in the United States
Natural Flavor Notes of Blueberry, Chocolate
Best Flavor achieved when brewed at 1:16 ground coffee to water ratio
Freshness best when consumed 4-6 weeks after opening the bag

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