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We will Choose a top US or International Trade Show for you. 

* 4 B2B matchmaking

* 1 year virtual package on our platforms & website space included 

* We will assist you in procuring your booth space, communicating with the tradeshow management. (We will assist with the booth payment process) 


    •  1 year you will get 2 shows and 12 months of contacts. If you come to the live events, free ticket into the Conference, Expo, and private business mixers & access to 
  • 6 of our social media groups. (Space is limited please sign up for events in advance. 
  • Dedicated Virtual Stall – Stall will be available for 1 year and the live exhibition will run during Expo.
  • Features Included
  • ·  Backdrop image/video on virtual booth.
  • ·  Company logo on virtual booth.
  • ·  Up to 10 products can be uploaded into virtual booth.
  • ·  Up to 3 video links into virtual booth.
  • Access to registered visitor profile and set-up meetings using theplatform.
  • ·  Live chat/live video calls during the live show time
  • ·  E mail notifications for each interaction (Meetings, Connect request, RFQ etc.).
  • ·  Search visitor by business, category, and other parameters.
  • External visitors invite facility.

    Investors Can View your profile
    Buyers & Store Owners Can View your profile
    You can View all exhibitors
    Monthly Newsletter
    8 hours per month consultation
    Virtual Expo
    B2B Matchmaking
    Entry into 4 Cash Prize contest
    Featured Business Space


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