African Tribal Traditional Printed Teapot Cover Tea Kettle Quilt Tea Pot Cover, Vintage Decor Bread Accessories Vintage Teapot Tea Kettle Cosy

Color :
African Tribal Style
African Tribal Traditional Printed
Beach Starfish
Black Marble
Blue Marble
Blue Peacock
Bohemian Elephant
Brown Leopard
Denim Cat
French Bulldog
Hummingbird Flower
Jamaica Flag
Lemon Stripes
Multicolored Dog Paw
Purple Galaxy
Red Rose
Tie Dye
Yellow Sunflower
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  • TEA COSY SIZE: Length-12.9 x Hight-10.4 Inches (33x26.4CM).
  • MATERIAL: Teapot cozy is made of polyester material, waterproof and wear-resistant, not easy to fade. Add cotton technology, more heat insulation, prevent teapot to hot, burn hands.
  • INSULATION PERFORMANCE: The teapot cozy has a certain level of insulation capability, allowing it to maintain the temperature inside the teapot and keep the tea hot for an extended period. This helps to better release the aroma and flavor of the tea leaves.
  • PATTERN: The teapot cozy often comes in various patterns, such as sunflowers, roosters, flowers, flags, retro styles, tribal styles, etc. These patterns can add beauty to the tea set, making the entire tea set more coordinated and visually appealing.
  • GIFT: Great gift for friends, relatives, parents and coworkers, or tea drinking enthusiasts!
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