Authentic Ethiopian Hand-Embroidered Coffee Dress with Scarf and Belt: A Traditional and Timeless Work of Art

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This traditional Ethiopian dress is a stunning work of art, featuring intricate hand-embroidered designs that showcase the beauty and skill of its craftsmanship. A Stunning Representation of Traditional African Fashion .The dress is made from high-quality, locally sourced materials, with a flowing silhouette that drapes elegantly on the body. The embroidered designs are created using a range of vibrant colors and intricate patterns, with each stitch carefully placed to create a truly stunning visual effect. The dress is designed to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia, with the intricate embroidery reflecting the country's long history of textile and fiber arts.

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  • Handmade
  • Dimension:Width - 60cm/24" (from armpit to armpit) Length – 135 cm/56" (from top to bottom)
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