Café 1820 Classic, Premium Costa Rican Ground Coffee, 100% Arabica, Dark Roast, High Altitude Blend with Aroma & Fruity Notes, 32 oz

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About this item

  • Intense & Finely-Tuned Flavor: Indulge in the intense, finely-tuned flavor of Café 1820 Classic Dark Roast Ground Coffee. Imbued with delightful fruity notes and hints of chocolate, each cup offers a robust and sophisticated taste. The result is a distinct coffee experience with an excellent body, balanced acidity, and a touch of sweetness.
  • High Altitude Excellence: Crafted with high altitude coffee grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soils over 1,100 meters above sea level. Our coffee's great flavor, color, and aroma are the result of meticulous investigation, ensuring an incredible coffee experience for our consumers. Each sip tells a story of dedication to quality and taste.
  • Incomparable Satisfaction: From your first sip of Café 1820 Ground Coffee, you'll be hooked. With an excellent body and rich flavors, it's designed to satisfy at any time of day. Whether for a morning boost or afternoon revival, Café 1820 promises to invigorate, delivering unmatched satisfaction with every cup.
  • Exceptional Freshness Guaranteed: Our Costa Rican ground coffee is stored in innovative packaging designed to preserve its freshness. This not only ensures exceptional quality but also projects an image of sophistication and high quality. Compatible with any coffee maker, Café 1820 guarantees a fresh and aromatic cup every time, enhancing your coffee experience.
  • Deluxe Gourmet Coffee Experience: Café 1820 is a deluxe gourmet coffee, meticulously crafted with carefully chosen beans from the rich, exotic soils of Costa Rica. Catering to gourmet coffee consumers seeking a remarkable balance of flavors, Café 1820 is the perfect choice for even the most discerning palate. Elevate your coffee routine with the ideal blend of sophistication and taste.
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