Orinoco Organic Fair Trade Peru 2.5lb bag, Medium Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 100% Organic Fair Trade Arabica beans

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About this item

  • MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE: These beans grown in the forests along side the Andes Mountains, are masterfully roasted to a Medium Roast. capturing their spicy, chocolate and smoky notes.
  • FLAVOR PROFILE: This coffee benefits from excellent growing conditions and great altitude. The resulting cup is well balanced with valued acidity, and sweet aftertaste with notes of spice, chocolate, and smokiness.
  • SMALL BATCH: Freshly roasted to order and immediately packaged in 2.5 lb coffee bags to ensure freshness.
  • WHOLE BEAN: High-quality 100% Organic Fair Trade Arabica beans.
  • E-Zip foil bags to maintain freshness and easy close after opening. Perfect for buying coffee whole beans in bulk or for wholesale.
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