The Wine Savant Gold Moroccan Glasses Artisan Hand-Made Multipurpose 220 ml 7.5 oz Tea and Wine Morrocan Tumbler Marrakech & Casablanca Tea Cups Set of 6

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Brand: The Wine Savant
Special Feature: Durability,Hand Crafted
Style: Modern
Theme: Wine
Recommended Uses For Product: Home
Material Glass:
: Material Glass
: Capacity 170 Milliliters
Occasion Home:
: Occasion Home
: Item Weight 212.62 Grams

Soar above exotic Morocco in the morning sunrise in these Moroccan tea glasses. These Moroccan Tea Glasses add a marvelous Middle Eastern touch to any gathering. The hand painted designs add a delightful personality that is sure to please all your guests. Boldly decorated with Moroccan details, this glass set is ideal for serving mint tea and other cold beverages. Suitable for the dishwasher, this glass set makes a stylish addition to your home.
Hand crafted in the old world style that has been passed down through generations. Flowing lines, hand painted details, sandblasted texture and the precious gold coloring around the rim ensure these tea glasses will be treasured for years to come. Not just for tea, they will be the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage whether you're lounging in the hammock or sipping with friends on the patio.
Decorated with a gold design, this set of four Moroccan tea glasses are designed with intricate patterns for beauty and durability. Each glass holds 7.5 oz of your favorite beverage. Carrying on a Moroccan tradition and serving tea is an art and comes with devotion. For centuries, the tea is prepared and poured into fine crystal cups. To encourage appreciation for this ritual of tea drinking, we designed ceramic tea glasses reminiscent of the classic bowls we commonly see in Morocco.
Each glass was handmade to perfection, support hard working masters which blow each individual glass, it is then passed along checked for safety and hand painted with a glowing paint, made to sparkle and shine any elegant table, gathering , or occasion.
Gold Moroccan Tea glasses are great for serving iced tea to your guests or just one glass to yourself! Enjoy the lightness of these unique Moroccan designed tea glasses in your home. Revive tea ceremony and add a touch of Moroccan style to every tea party with our Moroccan Tea glasses. This is a stunning set of Moroccan Tea glasses in an iconic design. This timeless design is functional in that it can be used in any era; modern, classic, romantic or antique.

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